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Informazioni generali:

Municipio:Via Vittorio Veneto,16
Prefisso tel:049
Cod. ISTAT:28091
Cod. Fisco:L199
Superficie:11.09 kmq
Festa Patronale:30 novembre
Frazioni:Roncà II - Guizze - Peraro - Roncà I - Case sparse -

Zona geografica: 45.64719180, 11.82529010

Uffici Amministrativi e Istituti Tombolo:

Comune di TomboloVia Vittorio Veneto, 16

Notizie su Tombolo:

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Scotland by NJC. ha postato una foto:

A little piece of paradise. The Arisaig/Morar coast at Portnaluchaig looking to the Cuillins of Skye.


Blue horizons, tipped by island mountain ridges
and a ripple of fair weather clouds.
Shallow waters, revealing bays and beaches of silver-white sand.
Bars, sand-spits and tombolos bridge a myriad of rocky islets.
Not so “Local Heroes,” holidaying in a landscape where the Caribbean meets “Harry Potter.”
What a legacy this western coast possesses.
Arisaig to Morar.
The white-sand and blue-ocean heaven.

Roselyne Calle Mirio ha postato una foto:

Petite Camargue hyéroise

Le Salin des Pesquiers, Presqu'île de Giens, Hyères 2021

2021 © Roselyne Calle Mirio
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Richard Reader (luciferscage) ha postato una foto:

Day 165 of 365

St Ninian's Isle, Shetland

Scotland by NJC. ha postato una foto:

BlaBheinn, Red Cuillins of Skye, Sleat Peninsula, Sound of Sleat and a "tombolo" beach at Portnaluchaig near Morar and Arisaig.


A snow-white tombolo of sand spans the rocky skerries
near Arisaig at Portnaluchaig.
The warm Gulf Stream lapping on to the brilliant shell-sand beaches makes for a myriad of aquamarine bays hyphenated by darker azure blues where submarine rocks and fronds of seaweed break the shallow sandy bed.
Emerald hills and fields fall gracefully to the sea, some capped by pine-fringed sand-dunes.
The sharp Sgurr of Eigg, the undulating volcanic hills of Rum and the serrated horse-shoe of the Black Cuillins make for a stunning backcloth to this stunning coastline.
Made immortal in films like “Local Hero,” this coastal fringe is simply unforgettable.
On a blue-sky day like this in April’s Spring, in an autumnal or winter storm or in the golden hours of a north-western sunset, this place engraves its magic into one’s psyche and soul in an irresistible and everlasting way.
Like McIntyre, you have to return.
I sat in the sand-dunes on 12/04/2018 and drank in its beauty and peace.
My cup runneth over…..
And so will yours!